Using WhatsApp Web on iPad without JailBreaking


Many WhatsApp users found WhatsApp Web is useful for massively replying messages. However iPad’s Safari does not support WhatsApp Web so far. This article provides you a new way(Sleipnir) to access WhatsApp Web on your iPad.

Article name: Using WhatsApp Web on iPad without JailBreaking

Supported OS: Android 、 Windows Phone 、 BlackBerry and Nokia S60

Related App: Sleipnir, WhatsApp

Article link:

Step-by-step Tutorial with Screenshots

Remarks: only smartphones with AndroidWindows PhoneBlackBerry and Nokia S60 supports WhatsApp Web

1. Open Appstore and search for keyword, “Sleipnir
iPad-whatsapp-web (1)

2. Open the app, click the left button of the right-upper corner. Click the Gear icon.

iPad-whatsapp-web (2)

3. Scroll down the menu until you can find “Additional Settings“. Click it.

iPad-whatsapp-web (3)

4. Click “User agent“.

iPad-whatsapp-web (4)

5. Click on “Safari 8.0” and “Select” it.

iPad-whatsapp-web (5)

6. Double press on the Home button and kill the browser.

iPad-whatsapp-web (6)

7. Reopen Sleipnir.

iPad-whatsapp-web (7)

8. Type “” on the URL bar.

iPad-whatsapp-web (8)

9. Scan the QR code with your smartphone.

iPad-whatsapp-web (9)

10. Done!

Author’s Thought

This is my first informational blog post. I wrote this article since I cannot find the method to use WhatsApp Web without Jailbreaking throughout the Internet. I hope this article can help more people therefore I translate my original, written in Traditional Chinese blog post into English. You may find some grammatical mistakes. Please feel free to tell me about them by commenting below!

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